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PrimeFlight Aviation Services has a heritage of leadership, relationships in airports across the country, and a reputation for success. PrimeFlight provides major air carriers and airports with the facility and security services necessary for the safe and reliable operation of their planes and the comfort and enjoyment of their passengers.

Strength in Leadership

The leadership of the company brings knowledge of the industry and their commitment to exceptional customer service to each of PrimeFlight's business relationships.

This specific knowledge is augmented by the Primeflight service approach: dedicated on-site managers who are trained in every aspect of the business—from technical to administrative to financial—to ensure that they are able to offer their clients the best possible and most experienced service.

PrimeFlight also offers the industry's most rigorous quality control systems designed to create accountability, focus efforts, increase communications, and ensure safe operations. With the extended support of local, regional and corporate quality control specialists, PrimeFlight can monitor each location's operation, ensuring that service is held to the highest standards.

Focus on People

Dedicated, professional employees are the foundation of PrimeFlight's business and the cornerstone of their success. From senior-level managers to part-time, hourly employees, PrimeFlight aggressively recruits top-level employees.

PrimeFlight enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry thanks to ongoing training, strong benefits, and a highly competitive compensation package that includes employee bonuses and awards for safety, performance and initiative.

PrimeFlight became a recognized partner with the U.S. Department of Labor for recruiting and hiring personnel for PrimeFlight's operations across the country. The partnership provides PrimeFlight with access to more candidates nationwide. In addition to hiring the best people, PrimeFlight focuses on a partnership relationship with its customers enabling the company's flexibility and development of efficiencies that help its customers reduce their costs.