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DEN PrimeFlight in the News

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Have you ever wondered, “What happens at an airport overnight?” Harriet Baskas with USA Today got a unique peak at Denver International Airport. PrimeFlight’s Operations Director at DEN, Jia Spain, goes over a few of our best practices when it comes to aircraft cleaning. Click the link below to read the article and get a behind the scenes look.


Behind the scenes: What happens at an airport overnight?

Lost and Found: $8,000 returned thanks to PrimeFlight employees

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

PrimeFlight cabin service employee Maria Ochoa turns in hundreds of items left onboard aircraft everyday, including wallets, cameras, cell phones and more.

Lost and valuable

On May 6, Ochoa discovered a left-behind purse just like many before it. However, this purse was open and filled to the brim with cash.

Ochoa immediately delivered the purse to her cabin service supervisor, Renee Goodwill. Goodwill elected to take the purse straight to the baggage service office, rather than waiting until later in the shift per their norm.

Alongside the agent on duty at the baggage service office, Goodwill and Ochoa decided to give the purse to the airline to secure in their safe since it obviously contained so much cash.

Crisis averted

While a resolution was being discussed, a woman in a very panicked state came into the baggage office claiming she left her purse containing a large amount of cash onboard a flight. The woman’s identity was confirmed as the rightful owner.

Baggage service asked her how much money was in the purse before counting to confirm it was all there. The woman stated there was $8,000 in cash, all of which was kept safe in the purse.

The woman was delivering the cash to her son for the purchase of an automobile.

Prime Player Awards

Thanks to Ochoa and Goodwill’s integrity and foresight to take additional precaution to secure this item, the woman received her lost purse and cash with ease.

Both Ochoa and Goodwill received the Prime Player Award. We thank them for their continued service and reliability.

Unknown Flammable Substance Removed from PHL International

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

On April 8, 2014, in PHL International, PrimeFlight employees successfully evacuated Terminal D after identifying an unattended bag containing flammable materials.

Alerting the authorities

A passenger approached PrimeFlight agent Deborah Edwards to bring her attention to a suspicious bag in Terminal D near the United Ticket Counter. Deborah Edwards notified fellow agent Dayton Lawrence who notified the Philadelphia Police Department.

The PPD arrived with dogs and immediately assessed that the bag did contain unknown materials and was therefore cause for further investigation and safety precautions.

The police contacted their bomb squad and ordered evacuation for the terminal.

Protecting passengers and employees

Edwards and Lawrence began to organize the safe evacuation of all employees and passengers. This involved securing the ticket counter and re-routing passengers with boarding passes to another terminal without bringing attention and alarm to the situation.

Dayton notified PrimeFlight Duty Manager, Blondine Augustine on her shift in the next terminal, that all inbound passengers would be sent her way to divert them from possible danger crossing over the site of the unknown bag.

Augustine notified all PrimeFlight employees in her area in person in order to avoid passengers overhearing the problem over the radio.

Removing the threat

After fifty-two minutes, the bomb squad gave clearance to the area after removing the bag. The bag contained batteries, an unidentified flammable substance, wiring and an additional bag suspected for use in igniting the substance.

Edwards, Lawrence and Augustine resumed their duties and quickly relocated passengers to their proper terminals or flights.

By stopping, thinking and acting, Edwards, Lawrence and Augustine prevented a possible explosive incident and have been awarded the Prime Player Award for their efficiently thwarting the threat and maintaining a calm and orderly airport.

Thank you

Congratulations and thank you to Edwards, Lawrence and Augustine for their exemplary service.

PrimeFlight Participates in United Airlines EWR Safety Festival

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

PrimeFlight recently participated in United Airlines’ Safety and Wellness Festival at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Our own Mike Diaz, PrimeFlight GM at EWR, handed out free “Safety Matters” backpacks.

Mike Diaz at the PrimeFlight table during the EWR Safety and Wellness Festival

Mike Diaz at the PrimeFlight table during the EWR Safety and Wellness Festival

EWR Safety and Wellness Festival

EWR Safety and Wellness Festival

EWR Safety and Wellness Festival certificate from United Airlines

EWR Safety and Wellness Festival certificate from United Airlines

Safety Programs for Airline Services Risk Mitigation

Friday, November 11th, 2011

It’s no secret that every airline needs a strong safety training program for successful risk mitigation and accident prevention. But training in the airline services industry has always been a challenge, particularly due to evolving technology and regulatory requirements. Airlines face frequent compliance challenges, including fulfilling initiatives set forth by the FAA, IOSA and similar governing bodies.

Most airline service providers today are struggling to streamline training programs and monitor their effectiveness, essential to reducing the risk of mishaps and associated costs that could otherwise be substantial. Mercer Management Consulting analyzed aviation hazard risks from 1991-2001. The failures of risk mitigation resulted in the loss of $46 billion in shareholder value for the airlines in the 10 year period. Creating an effective safety training program is a critical step toward lowering the accompanying costs while meeting the increasing regulatory requirements.

safety training program

PrimeFlight Aviation Services has developed a cohesive safety, quality and compliance training program for the airline services industry. Each of our agents must undergo all applicable training segments before beginning a career in airline services.  Recurrent training is required each year to refresh knowledge and implement any changes such as evacuation plans or other safety updates.  At its core, PrimeFlight’s safety training program makes employees aware of the potential hazards in their work environment, making them less vulnerable to injury.

PrimeFlight’s integrated safety training program has successfully reduced liability claims year over year since program inception. This allows for new levels of airline services efficiency, regulatory compliance, reduced costs and optimal risk management.

Learn more about our Airline Services Safety Program.