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DEN PrimeFlight in the News

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Have you ever wondered, “What happens at an airport overnight?” Harriet Baskas with USA Today got a unique peak at Denver International Airport. PrimeFlight’s Operations Director at DEN, Jia Spain, goes over a few of our best practices when it comes to aircraft cleaning. Click the link below to read the article and get a behind the scenes look.


Behind the scenes: What happens at an airport overnight?

February 2017- Prime Player Awards

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Distinguishing employees for their “Whatever it Takes” attitude.
Accolades from passengers and partner airlines have been pouring in this month, and PrimeFlight couldn’t be more proud of our employees! The Prime Player Award goes to individuals who were recognized by peers, supervisors, passengers and/or customers on a job well done. Below, PrimeFlight is pleased to announce the Prime Player Award Winners for February 2017:

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) Prime Players

The entire team at SJU, especially Yailyn Nieve, Juan Nieves, Luis Zamora and Gabriela Davila, has impressed us all here at PrimeFlight with their commitment to delivering first-rate customer service.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Prime Players

PHL always shows great pride in their customer service, as well. Rebecca Holmes is a shining example of that. PrimeFlight gives special thanks to Troy Stitt for making a lasting impression on a passenger needing wheelchair assistance. In her words, “He made it a lot easier for my travels and I will never forget his kindness!” At PrimeFlight, we know that employees like Mr. Stitt and Ms. Holmes are true assets to our company.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) Prime Players

An American Airlines employee at LGA wrote to PrimeFlight commending William Hudson and Juan Liriano for helping her “go above and beyond to help make everything possible for a lady travelling to DFW.” The American Airline employee described the situation saying the group had only 35 minutes to reschedule the customer, assure her bags were checked correctly and ensure that she arrived on time at the gate for her new flight. She explained that our employees stepped up to the challenge! Mr. Liriano made sure the woman’s bags were in order, while Mr. Hudson took the lady and her infant through all the TSA checkpoints and over to her gate. PrimeFlight applauds our employees’ professional attitudes toward the passenger and the partner staff.

In another situation at LGA, through the quick response from PrimeFlight supervisor, Angelica Carmilema, and the coordination of Juan Adames for a shuttle bus, PrimeFlight was able to successfully connect 14 customers that were running behind for an outbound Envoy flight because of a late inbound. It is Ms. Carmilema’s and Mr. Adames’ quick thinking that made this task successful, and the Customer Service Manager at Terminal C, could not have been more thankful for your help in the matter. We are honored that Ms. Carmilema and Mr. Adames have represented the PrimeFlight family so well in what could have been a stressful situation for all.

The PrimeFlight employees and their teams that were recognized this month have made exceedingly proud. Thank you all for guaranteeing a lasting customer service experience to our passengers and the customers we partner with.

January 2017 – Prime Player Awards

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Recognizing employees for going above and beyond.

At PrimeFlight, we know that achievement and success aren’t by accident. Our company recognizes this hard work and gives due importance for talented professionals. The Prime Player Award goes to individuals who were recognized by peers, supervisors, passengers and/or customers on a job well done. That being said, it is an honor to announce the following Prime Player Award Winners for January 2017:

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Prime Players

To the team at SEA, PrimeFlight whole-heartedly appreciates your professionalism and your great team spirit. Aldious Molina received the Prime Player of the Year- Wheelchair Award, Ismail Ali is the Bag Runner of the Year Award recipient and Sucdi Ali was given the Prime Player of the Year- Dispatch award.

Danilo Dantic and Olivia Primero were both acknowledged at SEA this month with Prime Player Awards recognizing their ten years of service with the PrimeFlight family.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Prime Players

Our employees at PHL take an obvious personal pride in their work. The quality attained by Kendeya Washington, Jeffrey, Tiffany Carn and the entire PHL crew, is an integral part of our company’s success. Ms. Washington was specifically recognized for partnering with United Airlines for “professionally and politely” assisting a passenger to their gate.

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) Prime Player

Abdisalam Isse at MSP, PrimeFlight is pleased to watch you represent your team so well in delivering a wonderful customer service experience to a passenger. From the General Manager at MSP in regards to the passenger and Mr. Isse’s assistance, “I received a phone call today from a passenger who was assisted by our electric cart driver last night (Abdisalam Isse), who took her from the F-Concourse to the A-Concourse just in time to make her flight. She wanted me to know how wonderful of an experience she had with him and wanted to send praise about his service. She came back through the airport today and called me and wanted to let me know how thankful she was for the service. She was on a 17-hour journey yesterday and after a long stressful day she just wanted to get home.”

It is a pleasure to watch our employees perform and win praises for the company. PrimeFlight appreciates your achievements and your dedication to taking the company’s success to a higher level. Thank you again for all that you do.

No Lost Luggage Here!

Monday, April 4th, 2016

It’s many passengers’ biggest fear — Arriving at your destination without your bags. No one wants to hear their luggage is lost, but it’s a scenario that can unfortunately be all too common.

So, at PrimeFlight, we treat luggage like we do passengers — We do everything we can to work with airlines and airports to ensure everyone’s luggage arrives at it’s correct destination on time.

Always Have a Plan B for Luggage Delivery

At one large airport in the northeast, a catastrophic bag system failure occurred, which affected luggage delivery and organization for several airlines. A new baggage system had been integrated, but unfortunately the new system was malfunctioning, and contingency plans had not been developed yet by the city.

This lead to delayed communication throughout the terminal and a bit of mayhem behind the scenes as employees began to realize the ramifications of the system failure.

As bags were screened and engineers worked to solve the problem, luggage belts became even less consistent. As soon as one would start working, others would stop again. It was evident the entire system could not be trusted, so PrimeFlight employees made themselves available.

Sky Captains met quickly with the TSA and called upon every wheelchair agent and extra set of hands they could find.

The new unit worked together to manually move at the very least 1,500 – 2,000 bags for every airline at the terminal. This ensured every passenger’s bag was properly delivered to them and bought the engineers more time to fix the system before luggage backed up even worse.

We want to thank the nine PrimeFlight employees who assisted in diverting this crisis and instead helped to deliver a great passenger experience for passengers across multiple airlines and destinations. Thank you John El, Rabboni El, Immanuel El, Jeffrey Jacobs, Jermaine Mason, Sam Jenkins, William Garcia, Witold Wawrzynczak and Roger Starkey.

Making the Flight On-Time: Customer Testimonial

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Read This “Almost Missed My Flight” Experience:

One passenger sent us an email detailing her experience working alongside PrimeFlight employees as she rushed to get everything taken care of and get herself and her elderly mother on the correct flight in time. It read:

I would like to commend the exceptional customer service received at the San Juan Airport (Luis Munoz Marin), in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the Southwest Airlines counter. I was traveling with my 83 yrs old mother, and had just walked a long ways after dropping off my rental vehicle. I had not a very pleasant experience with the [car rental] personnel. I requested help with my luggage and was told they did not had any person to assist me with the luggage. My mother and I had to walk a long distance pushing four [bags], until we arrived at your service counter to get our boarding tickets. Ashley Pintado. and Abraham Rivas (counter) immediately realized we only had a few minutes to register, and we did not know that we needed to be cleared with Agriculture. Ivia Rivera and Norberto Pineiro (luggage), took our four [bags] and without hesitation ran across to take our luggage to be cleared. Without these four young and well-mannered attendants, our experience may have been totally different. We were able to make it on time to our boarding gate, and were able to take our flight. Please commend these young attendants; because of their service, our experience with Southwest Airlines will never be forgotten.Thank you for having such an exceptional crew. I also want to say thanks to the crew of both flights, departing and arrival from our destinations, crew and pilots made a very pleasant experience for us. Thanks again for such great customer service.”

Thank you for the kind words. We are proud to provide this type of experience even when the window is small to catch that flight. We have commended each of the PrimeFlight employees with our PrimePlayer awards, and look forward to sharing future stories of similar service.

This is just one of many noteworthy emails we have received from passengers flying in and out of the San Juan Airport (SJU) lately. Again, we are proud to have such an exceptional team there serving passengers and airlines so well everyday. Thank you all.

PrimeFlight Wins SWA 2015 Aircraft and Facility Appearance Station of the Year

Friday, March 11th, 2016

We proudly announce PrimeFlight received Southwest Airlines’ Aircraft and Facility Appearance Station of the Year for 2015!

Congratulations to our TPA team!

PrimeFlight employees at Tampa International Airport (TPA) earned the prestigious award for their hard work and dedication throughout 2015 to keep their post as clean and organized as possible so the airline can operate at optimum efficiency.

Southwest Airlines hosted a great evening to congratulate our TPA team. Southwest representatives Mike Hunter, Director of Aircraft Appearance, Brian Bond, Sr. Manager Aircraft Appearance, and Ron Dawson, Manager Aircraft Appearance, all made a special trip from DAL HDQ to celebrate with us.

We want to extend a special tribute and recognition to Angel’s outstanding leadership, his great employees, as well as Mike Dillow and David Kuhns for their outstanding support throughout the year.

Congratulations again to everyone at TPA. Thank you for being a special group, committed to excellent quality!

SJU PrimeFlight Employees Receive Award for Response During Power Outage

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Congratulations to Angel Rojas, Brian Cambre, Indhira Rios, Iris Marrero, Nancy ONeill and Nestor Ledoux, our latest PrimePlayer award recipients!

We recently received words of praise from one of our airline partners at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in San Juan, detailing the response our team provided during a power outage at the airport.

Our partner shared, “I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent performance displayed during today’s system outage. Not only was there a quick response from your team, but your leaders were quick to assist and even [went] above and beyond to help us accommodate our queues. Due to this excellent service I must say that our customer demeanor remained neutral and no complaints were received.”

We proudly extend our sincerest thanks to each of these employees. Congratulations again, and thank you for being excellent ambassadors of our partners!

El Paso Employees Help Diverted Passengers Get Home on Christmas Eve

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

PrimeFlight Employees Keep Calm and Serve Passengers During Diverted Flight

PrimeFlight employees, Kelby Sebastian, Sydney Orrill, Sandra Casas, David Beltran, Joel Guadarrama and Alex Chavira, led by general manager, Bella Farley, received a diverted flight on Christmas Eve, provided food and care for the unexpected passengers, and managed communication while reloading all cargo and passengers onto a new flight to get everyone home as quickly and safely as possible.

In the midst of a mechanical diversion, a flight of 211 passengers and seven crew members heading from Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, MA to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) had to make an abrupt stop in El Paso International Airport (ELP) for repairs on December 24, 2015.

PrimeFlight employees quickly designated a sterile area of the terminal (as TSA had already departed for the evening). 40 minutes after receiving the initial alert at 8:30 p.m., their area was ready, and they began to help passengers deplane.

Receiving updates directly from the airline, the El Paso PrimeFlight team made clear announcements to customers, answered any questions and downloaded cargo from the disabled aircraft.

We are told in a thank you email from the airline how these individuals then proceeded to bring cases of water to their customers and brought in food options from outside the airport, as all concessions were closed. The crew even worked with the airport to provide blankets to try to keep everyone as comfortable as possible during the unfortunately timed delay.

After determining repairs would not be completed that night, the airline sent a rescue flight, which arrived at 2:40 a.m. early Christmas morning. PrimeFlight employees then swiftly reloaded cargo and passengers, and the flight left with no complications to arrive at LAX by 4:00 a.m.

Thank You to Our Hard-Working Employees

We are honored to have heard a detailed account of this event from the airline, and we are thankful for their partnership and dedication to getting their passengers home safely.

Holiday travel can bring heightened stress as is, so we are extremely thankful to our employees for their calm demeanors and hard work. Their ability to execute a plan with situational and operational preparedness is what sets us apart. Thank you again, Bella, Kelby, Sydney, Sandra, David, Joel and Alex.

Service As It Was Intended

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Proudly Sharing a Story of True Passenger Service

We are proud to share a remarkable story of service and honor Mr. Cornelius Oliphant, one of our employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with the Prime Player Award. We’ll let a FLL TSO tell the story:

“This occurred about three weeks ago and involved a severely handicapped young man who Mr. Oliphant was helping transition through the checkpoint and then to his flight. The profound care and understanding that I witnessed right in front of me was impressive and deeply moving. Moving on the level of a religious experience. After helping the young man through screening at the checkpoint I again encountered Mr. Oliphant at the Starbucks coffee shop in the concourse.

The young man’s handicaps were so severe that it was seemingly impossible to communicate with him on any level. There in front of me stood Mr. Oliphant communicating with this young man, getting through to him and extending to him the offering of a cup of coffee.

I want to tell you that I am someone who you could not beat a tear out of but I walked away from Mr. Oliphant and that young man completely choked up.

I witnessed care and compassion that day on a level that I can only equate with a father who was taking care of his son. It moved me to the extent that I felt compelled to share what I witnessed with you. Prior to TSA I have over twenty five years in the military, and an investigator, a security director and criminal intelligence specialist in the private sector.

I am well-traveled and have seen quite a lot. However the interaction that I witnessed between Mr. Oliphant and this young man will be one that I will not forget and will be with me forever.”

Thank you Mr. Oliphant for your true commitment and service to someone in need.

Prime Player Awards for Port Columbus International Airport PM Team

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

TSA Recognizes CMH PrimeFlight Employees

At Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) in Columbus, OH, several PM shift PrimeFlight employees have been recognized for their teamwork and communication with the TSA. Congratulations to Kenyatta Allen, Matthew Austin, Eric Clifton, Tery Goode, Carment Gilchrest, Mursal Haji, Tina Johnson, Abirahman Matan, Devonte McCoy, Joann Pierson, Theron Smith, Lemarcus Traylor and Eric Taylor who all have received the Prime Player Award for their dedication and efforts.

Supervisory transportation security officers, Gregory Edge, Doug Kinney and Tina Waldren honored the PrimeFlight team explaining, “From your help with wheelchair queueing to your assistance with passengers with disabilities, we believe that it is actions like this that foster and develop positive working relationships.”

One TSA supervisor stated that the PrimeFlight staff and leadership had been the best and easiest to work with out of the 9 years that he had been stationed at CMH. Thank you again to all the hard-working employees for their service and “whatever it takes” attitudes.