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DEN PrimeFlight in the News

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Have you ever wondered, “What happens at an airport overnight?” Harriet Baskas with USA Today got a unique peak at Denver International Airport. PrimeFlight’s Operations Director at DEN, Jia Spain, goes over a few of our best practices when it comes to aircraft cleaning. Click the link below to read the article and get a behind the scenes look.


Behind the scenes: What happens at an airport overnight?

Improved Brand Image through Effective External Aircraft Cleaning

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

xwash photo

Forming an efficient external aircraft cleaning program has long been a crucial element in brand image for every airline. Nothing creates a better first impression for travelers and airport staff than seeing a pristine aircraft. Because of the care and dedication involved with cleaning an aircraft crown to tail and everywhere in between, the attention to detail does not go unnoticed.

Regular corrosion of aircraft is not only caused by acid rain and sleet, but also through the use of de-icing chemicals, runway salt, and improper cleaning methods. A successful aircraft cleaning program eliminates this harsh weathering and solves the growing challenges of complying with waste disposal constraints of the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA).

PrimeFlight Aviation Services established PrimeFlight X-Wash as a specialized division of the company, developed to address this highly specialized need in the aircraft cleaning industry.  Regular exterior aircraft cleaning extends paint life, enabling longer intervals between repainting. Exterior washing also maintains the integrity of the paint through processes that remove oxidants and potentially harmful chemicals. PrimeFlight’s application of a UV protective wax goes even further to protect the aircraft’s skin. As travelers heavily invest in their airline preference, a sparkling brand image shows your commitment to provide the highest quality passenger experience.

PrimeFlight’s external aircraft cleaning processes — combined with their specialty services like the cleaning and disinfecting of cargo bins, wheel well cleaning, flap track and leading edge cleaning — all contribute to a clean, smooth aircraft; meaning less drag, increased fuel optimization and minimized corrosion. With an experienced leadership team and proven track record, PrimeFlight’s X-Wash program provides additional cost savings for your airline while ensuring a safe and happy passenger experience.