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Five Aircraft Appearance Services Your Airline Cannot Overlook

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

aircraft appearanceKeeping an aircraft’s cabin spotless is just as important as maintaining a clean exterior surface. Corrosion can occur on the interior structure more easily due to difficulty in reaching some areas for cleaning. Ensuring that every touch point is thoroughly inspected, scrubbed and polished results in the highest quality standards in the industry.

Here are five aircraft appearance services your airline cannot overlook.

1. Disinfection

An aircraft’s environment at 30,000 feet enables easier spread of disease. Air in airplanes is extremely dry, and viruses tend to thrive in low-humidity conditions. Use of an efficient bactericide in the daily aircraft appearance routine and incorporation of disinfectant chemicals added to lavatories are necessary procedures.

Associated benefits – Research has shown that air travelers suffer higher rates of disease infection. As the holidays are a particularly infectious time of year, it is important for planes packed full of families and gifts – and all those germs – to be properly disinfected before the next flight departs.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Aircraft carpet cleaning is undertaken with modern equipment made specifically for airline and jetway functions. High-powered cleaning and suction remove gum spots and other ground-in waste.

Associated benefits – Frequent cleaning, beyond vacuuming and spot cleaning, is necessary to preserve the appearance of aircraft cabin carpet. Clipping any frayed or raveled carpet strings also ensures the continued value and life of the floor. These procedures are necessary to prevent shrinkage of – or damage to – the carpet material, as well as to preserve all federally mandated flammability requirements of the carpet material.

3. Upholstery Care

Maintaining the appearance of cloth seat covers allows passengers to enjoy a clean cabin on every flight. Scheduling regular cleaning, monitoring conditions of current upholstery, and replacing any damaged seat covers are necessary for a consistent, high-quality image.

Associated benefits – Recurring freshening of cloth seats maximizes the form and feel of an aircraft cabin for each and every passenger. Cost is also minimized as less covers need repaired or replaced when steady attention is focused on the preservation of current seats.

4. Leather Reconditioning

Leather seats are a large investment and require periodic reconditioning to keep them looking fresh. Typically, aircraft leather experiences a dried-out finish after thousands of passenger changes each day. Regular reconditioning prevents the need for heavy maintenance on aircraft seats.

Associated benefits – Worn-in soil, stains and scrapes are repaired, restoring the leather to its original finish with little down time. Tested and approved cleansers and conditioners ensure there are no adverse effects with required aircraft fire testing.

5. In-flight Passenger Amenities

Proper display and storage of in-flight passenger amenities is critical in providing an image of a clean, organized aircraft. Untidy overhead bins are just as visible as the safety information cards, magazines and air sick bags in a passenger’s seatback pocket.

Associated benefits – Unsoiled pillows atop folded blankets in each overhead bin shows an attention to detail between flights. Passengers can rest assured that if the time was taken to provide clean, orderly amenities, the rest of the aircraft will be just as fresh as it was on day one.

PrimeFlight Aviation Services cleans over 300 aircraft cabins daily. From turn cleans to RONs, a customized aircraft appearance program can be provided to meet your airline’s specific standards. Whether it be replacing flight attendant kits in the galley coat closet or refilling towels in the rear lavatory, PrimeFlight provides a cost-effective solution while supporting a high quality service. Ensure safer, more efficient operations in the air by improving your cabin appearance services on the ground.