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Unknown Flammable Substance Removed from PHL International

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

On April 8, 2014, in PHL International, PrimeFlight employees successfully evacuated Terminal D after identifying an unattended bag containing flammable materials.

Alerting the authorities

A passenger approached PrimeFlight agent Deborah Edwards to bring her attention to a suspicious bag in Terminal D near the United Ticket Counter. Deborah Edwards notified fellow agent Dayton Lawrence who notified the Philadelphia Police Department.

The PPD arrived with dogs and immediately assessed that the bag did contain unknown materials and was therefore cause for further investigation and safety precautions.

The police contacted their bomb squad and ordered evacuation for the terminal.

Protecting passengers and employees

Edwards and Lawrence began to organize the safe evacuation of all employees and passengers. This involved securing the ticket counter and re-routing passengers with boarding passes to another terminal without bringing attention and alarm to the situation.

Dayton notified PrimeFlight Duty Manager, Blondine Augustine on her shift in the next terminal, that all inbound passengers would be sent her way to divert them from possible danger crossing over the site of the unknown bag.

Augustine notified all PrimeFlight employees in her area in person in order to avoid passengers overhearing the problem over the radio.

Removing the threat

After fifty-two minutes, the bomb squad gave clearance to the area after removing the bag. The bag contained batteries, an unidentified flammable substance, wiring and an additional bag suspected for use in igniting the substance.

Edwards, Lawrence and Augustine resumed their duties and quickly relocated passengers to their proper terminals or flights.

By stopping, thinking and acting, Edwards, Lawrence and Augustine prevented a possible explosive incident and have been awarded the Prime Player Award for their efficiently thwarting the threat and maintaining a calm and orderly airport.

Thank you

Congratulations and thank you to Edwards, Lawrence and Augustine for their exemplary service.