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Technology Update – Tablets in Airport Wheelchair Services

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

tablet-technology-for-wheelchairsAs airline technology continues to evolve, it’s not uncommon to see passengers organizing travel plans from their phones or tablets. It is increasingly easy for passengers to book flights and make changes online — a vast improvement to traveling most of us are well aware of.

Wheelchair services to and from flights are also integrating technology in new ways to provide a more efficient experience during travel for individuals who require a wheelchair.

Specifically, hands-free tablets positioned on wheelchairs can bring more options for wheelchair attendants, which allows them to provide better guest services. Recent improvements include:

  • Smart organization– A web-based and password protected app allows wheelchair services to quickly check a guest’s travel plans and safely escort them from one flight to the next.
  • Ease of access – Mounted tablets with a safety-driven focus provide better opportunities to stay organized, anticipate any flight changes and continue to assist passengers.
  • Better service – These tablets can be used by management to track quality and continue to refine effective, no-miss service for guests’ travel experiences.

At PrimeFlight, we enjoy serving guests with new technology opportunities to make travel easier. Our passengers are excited to be able to easily locate their wheelchair when they see their name on a mounted tablet, and they enjoy the quicker travel times and real-time flight updates.

With continued announcements of new wearable technology and mobile solutions, we look forward to navigating through the next wave of technology to enrich wheelchair services even further.