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Making the Flight On-Time: Customer Testimonial

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Read This “Almost Missed My Flight” Experience:

One passenger sent us an email detailing her experience working alongside PrimeFlight employees as she rushed to get everything taken care of and get herself and her elderly mother on the correct flight in time. It read:

I would like to commend the exceptional customer service received at the San Juan Airport (Luis Munoz Marin), in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the Southwest Airlines counter. I was traveling with my 83 yrs old mother, and had just walked a long ways after dropping off my rental vehicle. I had not a very pleasant experience with the [car rental] personnel. I requested help with my luggage and was told they did not had any person to assist me with the luggage. My mother and I had to walk a long distance pushing four [bags], until we arrived at your service counter to get our boarding tickets. Ashley Pintado. and Abraham Rivas (counter) immediately realized we only had a few minutes to register, and we did not know that we needed to be cleared with Agriculture. Ivia Rivera and Norberto Pineiro (luggage), took our four [bags] and without hesitation ran across to take our luggage to be cleared. Without these four young and well-mannered attendants, our experience may have been totally different. We were able to make it on time to our boarding gate, and were able to take our flight. Please commend these young attendants; because of their service, our experience with Southwest Airlines will never be forgotten.Thank you for having such an exceptional crew. I also want to say thanks to the crew of both flights, departing and arrival from our destinations, crew and pilots made a very pleasant experience for us. Thanks again for such great customer service.”

Thank you for the kind words. We are proud to provide this type of experience even when the window is small to catch that flight. We have commended each of the PrimeFlight employees with our PrimePlayer awards, and look forward to sharing future stories of similar service.

This is just one of many noteworthy emails we have received from passengers flying in and out of the San Juan Airport (SJU) lately. Again, we are proud to have such an exceptional team there serving passengers and airlines so well everyday. Thank you all.

PrimeFlight Wins SWA 2015 Aircraft and Facility Appearance Station of the Year

Friday, March 11th, 2016

We proudly announce PrimeFlight received Southwest Airlines’ Aircraft and Facility Appearance Station of the Year for 2015!

Congratulations to our TPA team!

PrimeFlight employees at Tampa International Airport (TPA) earned the prestigious award for their hard work and dedication throughout 2015 to keep their post as clean and organized as possible so the airline can operate at optimum efficiency.

Southwest Airlines hosted a great evening to congratulate our TPA team. Southwest representatives Mike Hunter, Director of Aircraft Appearance, Brian Bond, Sr. Manager Aircraft Appearance, and Ron Dawson, Manager Aircraft Appearance, all made a special trip from DAL HDQ to celebrate with us.

We want to extend a special tribute and recognition to Angel’s outstanding leadership, his great employees, as well as Mike Dillow and David Kuhns for their outstanding support throughout the year.

Congratulations again to everyone at TPA. Thank you for being a special group, committed to excellent quality!