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No Lost Luggage Here!

Monday, April 4th, 2016

It’s many passengers’ biggest fear — Arriving at your destination without your bags. No one wants to hear their luggage is lost, but it’s a scenario that can unfortunately be all too common.

So, at PrimeFlight, we treat luggage like we do passengers — We do everything we can to work with airlines and airports to ensure everyone’s luggage arrives at it’s correct destination on time.

Always Have a Plan B for Luggage Delivery

At one large airport in the northeast, a catastrophic bag system failure occurred, which affected luggage delivery and organization for several airlines. A new baggage system had been integrated, but unfortunately the new system was malfunctioning, and contingency plans had not been developed yet by the city.

This lead to delayed communication throughout the terminal and a bit of mayhem behind the scenes as employees began to realize the ramifications of the system failure.

As bags were screened and engineers worked to solve the problem, luggage belts became even less consistent. As soon as one would start working, others would stop again. It was evident the entire system could not be trusted, so PrimeFlight employees made themselves available.

Sky Captains met quickly with the TSA and called upon every wheelchair agent and extra set of hands they could find.

The new unit worked together to manually move at the very least 1,500 – 2,000 bags for every airline at the terminal. This ensured every passenger’s bag was properly delivered to them and bought the engineers more time to fix the system before luggage backed up even worse.

We want to thank the nine PrimeFlight employees who assisted in diverting this crisis and instead helped to deliver a great passenger experience for passengers across multiple airlines and destinations. Thank you John El, Rabboni El, Immanuel El, Jeffrey Jacobs, Jermaine Mason, Sam Jenkins, William Garcia, Witold Wawrzynczak and Roger Starkey.