Cleaner Aircraft Cabins Ensure Passenger Retention

Cabin Clean photo

As airfares and fees increase and direct flight options decrease, passengers will seek out the carrier that will provide the best travel experience for their money.  In a recent survey conducted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the majority of passengers book solely on price, making it more challenging in today’s economic environment to create demand for a brand experience over price loyalty.

But ‘more challenging’ doesn’t mean impossible. The 2010 J.D. Power and Associates’ annual North America Airline Satisfaction Study indicates that it’s more important than ever for carriers to remember that building a foundation of brand loyal passengers means creating a travel experience that supports an emotional attachment to their brand. If airlines are successful creating that attachment, customers can be more willing to pay a little more for their flights or become more flexible in their departure and arrival choices.

One of the largest brand representatives for any airline is the aircraft itself. Having a clean, tidy aircraft interior can increase customer recall and dramatically affect future passenger choice in air carrier. As a leading provider of cabin appearance services, PrimeFlight is keenly aware of how influential a clean cabin can be on a passengers perception of the airline’s brand. According to Mike Dillow, Aircraft and Facility Appearance Manager with PrimeFlight, “passengers are particularly sensitive to dirty lavatories, untidy seat pockets, and unclean windows and tray tables – the most critical areas passengers notice. If you don’t have those areas sparkling, you are starting at a deficit relative to brand perceptions.”


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