Prime Player Awards for Port Columbus International Airport PM Team

TSA Recognizes CMH PrimeFlight Employees

At Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) in Columbus, OH, several PM shift PrimeFlight employees have been recognized for their teamwork and communication with the TSA. Congratulations to Kenyatta Allen, Matthew Austin, Eric Clifton, Tery Goode, Carment Gilchrest, Mursal Haji, Tina Johnson, Abirahman Matan, Devonte McCoy, Joann Pierson, Theron Smith, Lemarcus Traylor and Eric Taylor who all have received the Prime Player Award for their dedication and efforts.

Supervisory transportation security officers, Gregory Edge, Doug Kinney and Tina Waldren honored the PrimeFlight team explaining, “From your help with wheelchair queueing to your assistance with passengers with disabilities, we believe that it is actions like this that foster and develop positive working relationships.”

One TSA supervisor stated that the PrimeFlight staff and leadership had been the best and easiest to work with out of the 9 years that he had been stationed at CMH. Thank you again to all the hard-working employees for their service and “whatever it takes” attitudes.

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