Service As It Was Intended

Proudly Sharing a Story of True Passenger Service

We are proud to share a remarkable story of service and honor Mr. Cornelius Oliphant, one of our employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with the Prime Player Award. We’ll let a FLL TSO tell the story:

“This occurred about three weeks ago and involved a severely handicapped young man who Mr. Oliphant was helping transition through the checkpoint and then to his flight. The profound care and understanding that I witnessed right in front of me was impressive and deeply moving. Moving on the level of a religious experience. After helping the young man through screening at the checkpoint I again encountered Mr. Oliphant at the Starbucks coffee shop in the concourse.

The young man’s handicaps were so severe that it was seemingly impossible to communicate with him on any level. There in front of me stood Mr. Oliphant communicating with this young man, getting through to him and extending to him the offering of a cup of coffee.

I want to tell you that I am someone who you could not beat a tear out of but I walked away from Mr. Oliphant and that young man completely choked up.

I witnessed care and compassion that day on a level that I can only equate with a father who was taking care of his son. It moved me to the extent that I felt compelled to share what I witnessed with you. Prior to TSA I have over twenty five years in the military, and an investigator, a security director and criminal intelligence specialist in the private sector.

I am well-traveled and have seen quite a lot. However the interaction that I witnessed between Mr. Oliphant and this young man will be one that I will not forget and will be with me forever.”

Thank you Mr. Oliphant for your true commitment and service to someone in need.

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