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PrimeFlight is dedicated to providing airline services with the safety of our employees, the public and our customers as our top priority. The PrimeFlight Safety Plan consists of four major components: training, audits and evaluations, safety committees and employee incentives.

1. Training


Safety is integrated into operational procedures training rather than a stand-alone curriculum so that safe behavior becomes second nature for our agents.

Recurrent Training

Recurrent training is required every year to refresh knowledge and implement any changes or safety updates. Documentation of all training and recurrent training are maintained in each agent's employment file.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

The PrimeFlight Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) specifically addresses hazard and illness exposure in the airline services industry:

  • Accident exposure/investigation
  • Basic safety rules
  • Hazard communication
  • Proper lifting techniques
  • Blood borne pathogen exposure control
  • Emergency action plans
  • Equipment safety
  • Vehicle safety


Training manuals exist for every conceivable service offered by PrimeFlight. Each of our agents must undergo all applicable training segments before beginning a career in airline services.

2. Audits and Evaluations


PrimeFlight facility safety audits are conducted monthly in all facilities.


Any items on the audit checklist that are not compliant are assigned due dates for resolution.


The results of these audits directly affect the performance evaluations of our account managers and supervisors, and are discussed during the daily pre-shift safety briefings and during the monthly safety committee meetings.


As a result of ongoing evaluations, PrimeFlight has implemented a safe lifting training course and has since experienced a corresponding reduction of claims related to repetitive lifting.

Workers' Compensation Claims

3. Safety Committees


Safety Committees are established at each location to recommend improvements to our workplace safety program and to identify corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards.


Safety Committees will be responsible for assisting PrimeFlight management in evaluating employee accident and illness prevention programs, and promoting safety and health awareness and co-worker participation.

Safety Committee

4. Employee Incentives

Safety-Based Behavior Reward Plan

To continually enforce and reinforce the importance of a safe environment, the Safety-Based Behavior Reward Plan gives employees the opportunity to earn additional compensation based on their team's safety track record.

Employee Incentives

Since 2007, PrimeFlight has paid out over $200,000 to frontline employees as part of the safety incentive program.