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A consitently clean, tidy aircraft interior improves the passenger experience and builds a foundation of brand-loyal customers. From turn cleans to RON cleaning, our cabin appearance services keep your aircraft so polished your passengers will be impressed.

Cabin Cleaning Services

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We use a comprehensive, carefully charted cleaning schedule that's plotted out by each aircraft section. With tasks starting in the cockpit and ending in the rear lavatories, no area goes untouched. We also custom fit our offerings to the services required, based on whether we're cleaning on the turn or RON.

Once every seat pocket has been double-checked and every lavatory is sparkling, our crew performs a through security audit. Finally, a PrimeFlight supervisor does an additional walk-through based on TSA security directives and specific airline carrier policies and procedures.

Then, and only then, do we declare your aircraft ready for takeoff.

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