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Things like on-time departures and prompt baggage delivery are vital to a successful business. Our terminal services make sure everything goes as smoothly out front as it does behind the scenes.

Baggage Services

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Airline Baggage Service

We can't do away with all problems, but we can help solve them. Our friendly and professional staff can prove invaluable when it comes to serving your ticket counter agents, processing claims, tracing baggage and making sure complications end on a good note.

Inline Baggage Management

No wasted time here. From monitoring movement and providing jam support, to avoiding problems in the first place, we know exactly how to use this system and how to keep it going.

Baggage Assistance

Whether we're assisting you or your passengers, we'll make sure all bags get from point A to point B. (Not to mention anywhere else they need to go.)

Passenger Services

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Wheelchair Services

Thanks to our proprietary SynTrack automated wheelchair dispatch system, we'll be there even before your passenger needs us. Better yet, we'll know their name, needs, destination and anything else pertinent to ensure a safe and quality airport experience. Click here to learn more about our wheelchair services.

Skycap Services

These key people are the face of your airline — a responsibility we never take lightly. With their friendly, thorough and efficient check-in procedures, our skycap employees strive to make good first impressions.

Electric Cart Services

There's more to this than simply transferring people. Our friendly and efficient employees will make sure your passengers are transported safely while enjoying a pleasant ride through the terminal.

Facility Management Services

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Total Handling

From the moment passengers arrive at the terminal to the time they leave the gate, we can be at every touch-point, making sure your airline is represented at its very best.

Facility Cleaning

Passengers may not always notice our cleaning teams working hard across the terminal, but they will certainly notice their gleaming work. From down time to peak seasons, the one thing that doesn't fluctuate is our level of service.

Club Room Staffing

If you're going to play favorites, you must do it right. Pristine surroundings, the perfect cocktail, and always a smiling face — we make sure even the most demanding VIP is impressed.

Security Services

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Cargo Handling

We are a single-source provider for all your cargo needs, including management and support for facilities, transferring cargo to and from aircraft and processing shipments.

Cargo Security

Obviously, these days security can never be taken lightly. With PrimeFlight's cargo security training program, rest assured that nothing slips past our cargo screening processes.

Queue Management

Prepared passengers mean more on-time departures. We'll make sure security checkpoints and other lines keep moving along smoothly.

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