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When you combine our friendly employees with state-of-the-art centralized dispatch technology, our wheelchair services save you money while providing better outcomes and continuity of service for your passengers.

Wheelchair Services

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Thanks to our proprietary SynTrack automated wheelchair dispatch system, we'll be there even before your passenger needs us. Better yet, we'll know their name, needs, destination and anything else pertinent to ensure a safe and quality airport experience.

Navigate through the presentation below to learn more about how Syntrack works, and how it can transform your wheelchair operations.

Automated, Centralized Wheelchair Dispatch: How it Works

By centralizing wheelchair dispatching, PrimeFlight is able to consolidate dispatching positions normally present at each airport. These overhead savings are passed through to our customers. More importantly, PrimeFlight SynTrack MIS data supports a wide range of management analysis and initiatives. SSR data is accessible online for five years in the PrimeFlight SynTrack system, allowing you to respond to DOT and ADA inquiries and complaints in real-time with time-stamped SSR event information.

The system also optimizes SSR personnel scheduling to support passenger demand — including seasonal changes — and customer service, while establishing productivity KPIs. This ensures optimal SSR agent performance and staffing levels. The system also delivers regular SSR transport service quality and productivity trend analysis, giving you a solid baseline for determining wheelchair dispatch service effectiveness.

Lastly, PrimeFlight SynTrack has the unique ability to dispatch a passenger's wheelchair needs throughout their entire flight, even if PrimeFlight is not providing the wheelchair service. Through the system, PrimeFlight dispatchers can schedule passenger pick-ups and drop-offs at any airport where the passenger may arrive, connect or depart.

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