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Transition planning is fundamentally important to a successful operation. Using our proprietary "Push, Taxi, Takeoff, Cruising Altitude" Transition Plan, PrimeFlight has seamlessly transitioned over 300 airline service contracts, including many large hub operations.

1. Push: Assessment & Planning

First Things First

We take great pride in our expertise. However, we also never assume. So, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough needs assessment of your particular airport or airline operation. Once we have the proper insights, our brainpower really kicks in. Drawing from a fleet of specialists, support departments and even entire companies within the SMS Holdings family, we create a detailed airline services transition plan that not only answers your needs, but covers them from every angle.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Detailed Airline Services Transition Plan

2. Taxi: Recruitment & Training

A Systematic Approach

A plan is only as good as the people who implement it. Fortunately, we have recruiting down to a science. Besides relying on a series of systematic approaches, we also take full advantage of our unique partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor. But the ball doesn't stop there. Once we find the right employees, we put just as much effort into preparing them — from customized training modules to an entire online university. By the time our recruits arrive at your site, they're in top mental shape.

  • U.S. DOL Partnership
  • Customized Training
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3. Takeoff: Transition

Communication Is Key

This step is just as much about you as it is about us. We've completed hundreds of carefully orchestrated airline services transitions, including many for large hubs. If there's one thing these successes have taught us, it's that communication is key. In fact, throughout the entire process you can expect to hear from us quite a bit. This is just our way of making sure everything is consistently moving full speed ahead.

  • Ongoing Communication
  • Consistent Follow-up

4. Cruising Altitude: Customer Service

All Systems Go

Quality assurance processes. Employee retention programs. Internal audit processes that are customized to meet individual KPIs. We could go on and on about the steps we take to make sure our level of service tops all others. But we don't do this alone. By partnering with clients and becoming actively involved in things like their safety committees, we offer significantly improved performance results that continue to rise.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Retention Programs
  • Internal Audit Processes