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Leather Refurbishment & Repair Services


Our trained leather technicians are able to repair, refinish and maintain your leather investment. Our program will not only maintain original cover aesthetics and performance while drastically reducing your costs, saving you a substantial amount of long term investment on any replacement or restoration needs. Ensure your customers feel like they are sitting on new seats every time they fly!

Leather Services
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Regular maintenance of your aircraft's leather can be cost effective while having a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Customer surveys indicate that passengers judge the safety of an aircraft, in part, by the interior's appearance.

However, we know you are focused with minimizing downtime, so many of our repair and refurbishment services can be done on-board. We can repair rips, tears and cracks as well as remove ink and other stains. More extensive repairs can be done at our Part 145 facility.

Our certified technicians can extend the life of all types of leather and e-leather, adding years of use to your investment while significantly improving the look of your aircraft, transforming your fleet's worn or damaged leather to like-new condition. Ask us to build a custom, comprehensive treatment program with cleaning frequencies based off of the size and usage of your fleet. Enjoy benefits including: 

  • Extended leather life

  • Protect leather to reduce need for refurbishment frequency

  • Reduce leather repair and replacement costs

  • Repair and refurbish rips, tears and cracks to reduce replacement costs

  • Enhance the overall appearance and perceived reliability of your fleet

Comprehensive Leather Care Programs
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By touching leather seats on a more frequent cycle we can help reduce refurbishment expenses, spare replacement , and inventory expenses. When developing a leather care program it is essential to understand the components of the cleaners. Proper long term care requires the use of a cleaning agent that has a pH similar to leather. That is why we use our line of proprietary cleaners that:

  • Properly remove oil, gum, dirt and residue
  • Reduce sheen
  • Use proper pH balanced chemicals
  • Provide a thorough cleaning of leather and e-leather products
  • Protects and lengthens the live of leather
  • Extended leather performance between treatments
Ink Removal
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Ink removal can be challenging, and not all ink marks are removable. The longer the ink remains on the leather surface, the more difficult it is to remove. Most ink marks can be completely removed if ink remover is applied within 48 hours. After this period the ink gradually works deeper and deeper into the grain of the leather. While the chemicals we use are designed to remove most ink marks, older ink marks may be lightened, but still visible. Our ink removal process includes the following steps:

  • We remove ink stains utilizing our Ink Pen and/or 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Since proper and full removal of ink that prevents bleed-through will result in the top and color coat being removed from the seat cover, so we then perform an on-board spray application to re-apply the removed color
  • Finally, we use on-board spray application to re-apply top coats utilizing the original leather finishes

Most importantly, our line of proprietary aviation cleaning supplies maintain FAA flammability requirements and are environmentally safe. Using our proprietary products, our ink removal, spot removal and color spray application services provide:

  • No change in flammability/airworthiness
  • Proper color adhesion
  • A finish that is dry to the touch
  • Repair of minor cuts, holes and gouges
Color Touch-Up
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Our color touch-up process reduces the look of normal wear and tear while renewing discolored areas. After treatment, your aircraft will be left with a like-new appearance that can be accomplished on-board. In place of leather cover replacement or of-board refurbishment, this process can reduce:

  • Aircraft down time
  • Labor associated with cover removal and replacement
  • Maintenance time and costs
  • Off-wing refurbishment needs
  • Logistical costs associated with refurbishment 
  • Need for new cover replacement  
  • Spares inventory 

There will be no change in flame retardants, and the process is FAA approved.